Hi everyone!

My name is Etta, and I am a 22 year old aspiring nurse practitioner and registered dietitian.

I started this blog for many reasons: To find an outlet for my love for writing, to capture and reflect on the journey of recovery from my eating disorder, and to inspire those who are struggling, perhaps in recovery or perhaps in life.

I am far from perfect. I am still learning, constantly. Learning how to be. Learning how to love myself. Learning how to balance and rest. While I like to pretend I have things figured out, at the end of the day, I recognize that life has no destination, and growth and change are constant.

For those who came to this page looking for some more “concrete” information about me: I am graduating from Vanderbilt in May 2019, and will be attending Yale’s School of Nursing in the fall. I am a passionate runner, a bit (or maybe more than a bit) on the Type A side, and love music, coffee, and mornings. I’m passionate about mental health and eating disorder advocacy and awareness.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this page and my blog.